Llevamos más de dos décadas formando a profesionales de la poligrafía en todo el mundo en inglés y español. Nuestros programas ofrecen la posibilidad de adquirir los conocimientos teóricos a distancia y realizar el módulo de prácticas en tu propio país de residencia. Contamos con programas educativos certificados por la European Polygraph Asociation, permitiendo a nuestros alumnos formarse en base a los estándares más exigentes de la Unión Europea. Acceso al Campus y Biblioteca virtual 24/7 durante todo el año.
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Europolygraph Membership

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You will obtain a diploma with international certification from EPA and ICPA



Forensic Psychophysiology Polygraph Course

Our course of access to polygraphy ranges from the history of the polygraph to the methods used in the examinations of detection of deception, passing through the biological and physiological bases on which the polygraphic technique is based, as well as the mastery of modern digital polygraphs. By completing the Basic Forensic Psychophysiology Course, the student acquires the necessary knowledge to be able to start his professional career as a Polygraph Expert.

Master in Forensic Pyschophysiology

We present the I International Master in Forensic Psychophysiology of the European Polygraph Academy, with certifications and Europolygraph + Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association, being the first one that has European Academic Credits that can be done completely online. It is a very complete program that requires 750 hours of study and dedication and that allows the student to acquire the necessary knowledge to practice the polygraphic practice professionally and be able to train as a Primary Polygraphy Instructor.

Advance Polygraph Course

Refresh your knowledge and skills as an examiner with a course designed for graduates that still want to improve their professional performance and knowledge, while at the same time accrediting continuous training required by most polygraph associations. This is a course that, although it is essentially theoretical includes chats and videoconferences for demonstration purposes of the latest trends in the field of Psychophysiology Forensics

European Polygraph Academy


EPA’s mission is to be a quality center in the field of teaching Forensic Psychophysiology and society in general, which provides its students with the necessary and essential knowledge to obtain better personal, academic and professional training.
European Polygraph Association

Welcome to EuroPolygraph

Joining Europolygraph is easy, in the association we welcome all those people interested in promoting this professional activity. From the moment you start your training in Forensic Psychophysiology (Temporary) to any other stage of your professional life.
You will obtain a diploma with international certification from EPA and ICPA

International Accreditation

You will obtain a diploma with international certification from EPA and ICPA. Professional Training and Demand of the XXI Century, present and future.


We make available to our students and members an extensive collection of articles and books related to the field of Lie Detection and Credibility of Testimony.



The moment my eye caught this course, I was impressed with the detail in it. Was skeptical a bit because didn't know about polygraph work. It ended up being great. Very happy with it.
Even as a foreigner, I understood everything in this course. It is impressive because of the great variety of material it has. Video, photos, text, special articles, etc., all this was included. All of my questions were answered quickly and effectively. I am grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed the course, because it was also very entertaining.
Aleksandar A.
My experience with the European Polygraph Academy has been nothing but positive. I have to recognise that it was a bit difficult at the beginning, but the teachers were supportive and I progressed well. I particularly like the part in which I learnt about human behaviour and the nervous system.
Andrew D.

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